Alexey Karfidov and Dmitry Vasiliev, founders of Karfidov Lab, speak about the current progress and future of the company.

Has the company changed over the last 7 years?

Seven years ago we started with two people and now we have a team of over 40 people, located in three strategic…

The Karfidov Lab is a technology hub that specializes in consulting, engineering and manufacturing services. Our clients are other technological companies in spheres such as medical devices, personal electronics, industrial and laboratory equipment and software.

We are committed to bringing life to a strong and innovative designs that are both…

Client: SSTC

Our client wanted to upgrade their current thermal cutting machine “Ritm-M” (MTP), to correspond with modern trends in industrial design and ergonomics of metalworking equipment.

The Ritm-M (MTP) machine is used for cutting, marking and marking(optionally) sheet metal parts using a numerical control system.

Old design

The machine consists of…

Client: Useful Robots

Project Description

The primary requirement was to provide an operator squat, allowing one to reach the floor with your hand.


The task is to design and manufacture a prototype of an industrial exoskeleton for the lower body (exoskeleton-chair), which increases individual labor productivity by reducing fatigue…

Our clients, the French company “Simpleoilfield” wanted to launch a new product for measuring metal thickness and they contacted us for product development services to make an ultra-modern casing from the already existing square case.

In order to establish usability, we had to research;

Usage Scenario - an employee of…

We were privileged to have civil products that we worked on being presented at the ARMY-2020 show.

1) “RusAtom Healthcare” — brachiotherapy complex (layout 1: 1)
2) RusAtom Healthcare — KLT-6 radiation therapy complex (layout 1: 2)
3) “RusAtom Additive Technologies” — 3D printer for metal RosMelt 300M (finished machine)
4) JSC “New Era” — complex switchgears (equipment ready for sale)
5) JSC “New Era” — diesel generator control panels (equipment ready for sale)
6) JSC “New Era” — electrical heating control panels (equipment ready for sale)
7) JSC “New Era” — converting units (equipment ready for sale)
And a few more that as a result of client confidentiality we can not talk about.

When we were asked to design a package for a set of surgical instruments, the thought arose our heads that it was necessary to “design something that would be opened without careful looking and thrown into the trash in five minutes.”

Of course there was no talk about attractiveness and…

Though we are a heavily invested into tech innovations and design, we are very human at our core, our founders like every one else have blood and veins, not circuits and wires (which one can easily misconstrue due to their intense work ethic)

Alexey Karfidov

Our patron, co-founder and team leader, a…

Karfidov Lab

we offer the development of innovative technical products, from ideas to physical implementation.

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