Client: SSTC

Our client wanted to upgrade their current thermal cutting machine “Ritm-M” (MTP), to correspond with modern trends in industrial design and ergonomics of metalworking equipment.

The Ritm-M (MTP) machine is used for cutting, marking and marking(optionally) sheet metal parts using a numerical control system.

Old design

The machine consists of the following components:

- rail track;

- executive mechanism (portal);

- external power supply;

- cutting table for cutting;

- control panel and control cabinet of MTP.

MTP old Design

For that our team was approached to design an aesthetically pleasing Ritm-M (MTP), while still retaining the standards governing the application of safety signs, signal markings and signal colors for industrial equipment.

Based on our research for User Experience we found out that the effect of high temperature on units and assemblies of MTP located in the immediate vicinity of the cutting zone would increase the possibility of damage to the device when operated under such harsh conditions.

Prior competitor designs did not necessarily take into account these environmental nor user experience factors whilst designing their MTPs.

We at Karfidov Lab, took on a different approach in designing this new model, as we had to substantiate the following development requirements;

3D rending
  • The appearance of the MTP.
  • Design study of competitors and trends.
  • Choosing a color-graphic solution.
  • Optimal place for the application and location of the logo, the manufacturer’s trademark, as well as the brand and model of MTP should be worked out.
  • Technical solutions aimed at creating a safe device for use and operation.
  • Minimizing production cost.
  • Easy access to internal components for maintenance, repair and replacement.
  • Effects of high temperature on units and assemblies of MTP.
  • Vandal-proof, damage-proof design.
  • Attract 3rd party manufacturing organizations.
  • Safety of the operators of MTP.

There is more information of about the new design and product functionality of our clients website:

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